My writing reveals how policy choices impact Indianapolis students, parents and teachers. I have the relentless drive to report until I have the essentials of a great story — and the judgment to know what subjects are worth that dedication. My stories are about people and informed by data.

I report on education policy for Chalkbeat Indiana, a non-profit news organization devoted to covering education for poor communities and children of color. My work has appeared in the Atlantic, the Minneapolis Star Tribune and the Indianapolis Star. My radio work has aired on Studio 360, Latino USA and WCAI. I am a graduate of the Transom Story Workshop and Smith College.

When I’m not reporting, I spend my time eating, making pottery and reading about urban planning. A native of Massachusetts, I live and work in Indianapolis.

Teaching when students are full of fear: Inside Indiana’s first school for new immigrants

It’s first period on a Wednesday, and Alejandra is chewing gum, bouncing her foot and goofing with friends in a reading class for students learning English. The teacher — a substitute for the morning — writes vocabulary words on the whiteboard: “improves,” “silence,” “activists.” When she gets to “dangerous,” Alejandra springs to life. “Not safe!” she bursts out.